RightNow Cloud

Space Considerate Inventory
Management Solution

RightNow Cloud is a virtual, space-saving alternative to an on-premises device that keeps pharmaceutical products stocked for patient care through RightNow Track™.



Immediate Patient Care 

Products are available on-site and on-demand when your patients need them. 

Patient Focused 

We manage product replenishment and alerts, allowing you to focus on patient care. 

Efficient Workflows & Visibility 

Complete oversight via RightNow Track to optimize operational workflow, reduce human error, and eliminate the burden of inventory management.

Greater Savings

Eliminate carrying costs because invoicing only occurs when products are removed from the RightNow solution.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Comprehensive Solution to Inventory Management

After installation, if you are a part of the RightNow Inventory™ Program, RightNow Inventory stocks the RightNow Cloud with your selected products. We own these products until you dispense them for patient use. Then, as patients’ needs arise, RightNow Inventory works behind the scenes to ensure an optimally stocked RightNow Cloud. Once the system predicts your RightNow Cloud inventory is about to reach PAR levels, we ship the product directly to your facility at no cost. With RightNow Inventory Program, you only pay for the dispensed products, saving you time and money!

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  • RightNow Track connectivity
  • Periodic Automatic Replenishment (PAR)
  • Quick access to products
  • Accommodates all product form factors
  • Invoiced only when product is removed
  • Provider tracking
  • Track shipments
  • Weekly cycle count
  • Short-dated product management
  • Scheduled custom reports
  • Alert management
  • Dedicated 24/7 customer support

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