When treating patients,
just-in-time isn't good enough. 

You need RightNow Inventory.

Welcome to the future of
healthcare inventory management solutions.

At RightNow Inventory™, our mission is to create an evolved, healthcare supply chain management system that stocks and controls pharmaceutical product inventory within remote, temperature controlled storage cabinets. We ensure your patients' needs are met, by utilizing the latest medical storage technologies and inventory management software solutions. With layered security, our automated replenishment systems protect the healthcare provider’s inventory, minimizing product expiry and diversion.  Healthcare providers focus more time on treating patients, instead of managing inventory.

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A suite of intelligent pharmaceutical & medical device inventory management solutions  

We are on a mission to evolve the healthcare supply chain by developing and deploying inventory management solutions that confidently maintain inventory with the right stocking levels, right temperature, and right location. RightNow. 

Critical medications always available

Critical care medications at your location when patients need them, which is always RightNow. 

Round the clock product monitoring 

Reduces inventory carrying cost, product expiration, and product waste.

Predictive PAR Level Inventory

Periodic Automatic Replenishment (PAR) level recommendations assist in efficient, data-driven product purchasing decisions.

24/7/365 Customer experience service

Our team is passionate about Helping Healthcare Care®, and we are always on call to provide exceptional service and support. 

RightNow Solutions


RightNow Verified™ utilizes RFID tracking technology to monitor inventory levels and keep pharmaceutical products stocked through Periodic Automated Replenishment (PAR).

RFID System

Multiple Sizes

Pharmaceutical Refrigeration

Controlled Temperature

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RightNow Ready™, is a password-protected pharmaceutical-grade refrigeration system monitored around the clock by the RightNow Inventory™ team for temperature excursions and alerts. Replenished through FFF Enterprises' Forward Deployed Inventory (FDI) program, or through your own inventory ordering system, healthcare providers always have pharmaceutical products available for patient use whenever they are needed. Through the FDI Program, healthcare providers are invoiced at the time of products being dispensed instead of when products are shipped. As a result, healthcare providers reduce business risks and inventory carrying costs associated with expired products.


Assisted Control Keypad 

Assisted Defrost





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The RightNow Cloud is an intelligent inventory monitoring solution that allows product storage in your existing cabinets, refrigerators and freezers.  This solution has all the benefits of RightNow Track™ such as recommended PAR levels, detailed usage reports, and multi-site provider visibility.

Space Considerate

Provider Selection

Refrigeration & Freezer

Controlled Room Temperature

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Stay connected to your inventory. 

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Features and Benefits

Inventory Analytics
& Insights

RightNow Track™ gives users a pharmacy inventory management system complete with enterprise-wide and facility-level product visibility. Track pharmaceutical inventory by location, product, lot number, and expiry date. To reduce waste, the inventory management software allows users to search inventory based on the expiration date and identify their products nearing expiration.

Periodic Automatic Replenishment Recommendations

RightNow Track’s™ proprietary Periodic Automatic Replenishment (PAR) management algorithms calculate optimal inventory levels and makes recommendations tailored to the customers’ needs. The system’s optimal inventory level formula is based on variable healthcare parameters that converge with customer-specific settings for Clinical Reserve Levels (CRL) and Max Fill quantities by product. An easy-to-follow stocking status will group your inventory product and guide the creation of your next purchase order. Forward Deployed Inventory (FDI) program customers benefit greatly from an automated inventory replenishment system.

Remote Temperature Monitoring System

RightNow Track™ captures remote temperature readings from your RightNow solution every 10 minutes. These readings are logged and reviewed to ensure the product temperature remains within target specifications. Historical records of temperature readings are available at your fingertips for internal review or regulatory reporting.

Automated Alert Notifications

Sign up to receive automatic email notifications when an alert is triggered. A complete history of all alerts is available for incident review.

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Our Story


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FFF Enterprises, Inc. is the most trusted specialty pharmaceutical distributor in the country. With 33 years of counterfeit-free Guaranteed Channel Integrity®, our team strives every day to safely distribute pharmaceutical products to healthcare providers and provide high-touch customer service. We currently work with over 96% of all community-based hospitals and over 74,000 specialty physician groups nationwide.

In 2012, FFF Enterprises recognized the healthcare market's demand to have pharmaceutical products immediately available at the site of patient care. In response, we launched the Forward Deployed Inventory (FDI) program. This program sought to extend the supply chain at our customer's location by placing RFID-tagged products into refrigerated RFID tracking devices. As a result, participating customers saved money on carrying costs by purchasing the product at the time the product was dispensed. In addition, this RFID inventory system enabled FFF Enterprises to extend its Guaranteed Channel Integrity® supply chain through continued monitoring of product temperature readings and product expiry.

The Forward Deployed Inventory (FDI) model revealed an enormous unmet need for uniquely designed technology to manage customers’ on-premise inventory. Championed by a commitment to Guaranteed Channel Integrity®, FFF Enterprises now proudly supports its subsidiary, RightNow Inventory™. With a trusted and responsive customer-first culture, our mission is to develop adaptive inventory management technology solutions for healthcare providers. RightNow Inventory™ ensures the pharmaceutical product is at the site of care and available for the patient when it is needed the most. RightNow.

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We are passionate about Helping Healthcare Care.

33 Years

Of Counterfeit Free Pharmaceutical Distribution With Guaranteed Channel Integrity®

5M Patients

Cared For Annually

10 Years

Of Managing IoT Distributed Forward Deployed  Inventory Management

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RightNow Focused

Our engineers and developers work hard to ensure our devices are easy to use for healthcare providers. Sometimes, seconds matter when delivering patient care, so our devices require minimum steps to dispense products. RightNow Ready quick dispense process allows users to retrieve products for patient use immediately after confirmed passcode authentication.

RightNow Innovation

RightNow Inventory’s continued innovation provides more security and flexibility, accommodating a wide variety of pharmaceutical products. In addition, RightNow Cloud™ brings remote visibility to on hand product inventory and predicts future inventory management needs.

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RightNow Secured

All RightNow Inventory™ Solutions have certified temperature monitoring devices placed strategically throughout each model to get the most accurate temperature readings. Remote temperature monitoring devices are connected to our cloud-based software and monitored 24/7/365 by RNI technical support staff. RightNow Inventory™ facilitates industry-standard best practices like the First Expired First Out method of inventory control. In addition, all FFF Enterprises-distributed pharmaceutical products within our solutions uphold our Guaranteed Channel Integrity® commitment.