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RightNow Secure RightNow Flex RightNow Ready RightNow Verified
RightNow Track connectivity
Periodic Automatic Replenishment (PAR)
Quick access to products
Accommodates all product form factors
Invoiced only when product is removed
Short-dated product management
Temperature excursion and alert management
Temperature monitoring and reporting
Dedicated 24/7 customer support
Lot tracking
First Expired, First Out automated management
10-hour battery backup
Two-day vend confirmation before invoicing
Secure PIN code or badge scan access
Video recorded user transactions
Locking mechanism
Serialization scanning supports DSCSA requirements
Dual temperature zones
Meets DEA guidelines for controlled substances
Guided navigation and assistance
Customizable drawer configurations
LED light response feedback
Tablet included with application
Up to five inventory and temperature sensing trays
Defrost notification
No product tagging required
RFID-tagged products
Integrated split billing
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Stay Connected to Your Inventory

For Providers

RightNow Track is a web-based portal connecting customers to all RightNow Inventory solutions within their facility or multisite enterprise. Through RightNow Track, users can monitor inventory levels, receive automated shipments based on PAR levels and download customized reports.

For Manufacturers

RightNow View is a web-based portal providing manufacturers with dynamic supply chain insights and access to view their product data across an entire forward-deployed network.

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